In 2035 AD, Earth is in peril. Power rivalry and hybrid warfare dominate international order. Global warming, scarce resources, and conflict push the world to its breaking point. Amid spreading global unrest, a mysterious organization called THE REVOLUTION threatens humanity. NATO creates a strike force to hunt the rogue group. Since their mission is Counter-Revolutionary, the strike force is code-named CONTRA.

When time unlocks the truth to history…the epic begins.

CONTRA ALLIANCE Origins Movie: Discover the Universe

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CONTRA ALLIANCE: Universe Snapshot

new contra logo final cover

50-The Universe

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All 33 comic novel episodes from Arc I of The Trilogy wrapped in a digital book – FREE DOWNLOAD:


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33 CONTRA ALLIANCE comic novel episodes from ARC I: SHADOWS OF THE PAST. Novel-based chapters with comic book artwork in digital format. Comic covers created by industry artists, recruited mostly from San Diego Comic Con, including: Joe Benitez, Jason Metcalf, Nei Ruffino, Elias Chatzoudis, and Dawn McTeigue.

Visit DISCOVER at to download all 33 digital episodes from SHADOWS OF THE PAST.

Contra Alliance Promo (Summer 2013 Back LO)

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Significance of The Letter 

SHIA’s evidence of a NEZDETH presence on Earth is enough for LONTHRAN, PREDRA, SILVERSTAR, and GRAVITRON to lobby NERRIAL’s High Council for immediate STARFORCE military intervention. PRINCESS SHIA influences NERRIAL’s High Council, STARFORCE Command, and PREDRA (The Crown), to intervene and save Earth from a pending NEZDETH invasion guised as THE REVOLUTION. NERRIAL concern for Earth grows strongest in the years leading up to SHADOWS OF THE PAST (2035). SHIA compares THE REVOLUTION’s symbol to a sketch in EXA’s TIME OF LEGEND depicting a NEZDETH war tribe during WAR OF THE STAR – the symbols match. NERRIAL’s High Council approves STARFORCE defense of Earth in support of CONTRA ALLIANCE to defeat THE REVOLUTION.


Dearest Lonthran,

From the dawn of time, the universe has been filled with mystery and wonder. As humans, we are limited in our experience. Only curiosity can fathom what lies beyond the stars. Mysteries, from the brightest sun to the most distant moon, remain a miracle, even after all these years. The more we search, the less we know. Billions upon billions of planets make up the vast galaxies stretching as far as the imagination can grasp. In this magnificence of space, life is rare. It is special.

Long ago, before the War of the Star, Nerrial lived in a dream of unending peace. Shattered by the nightmare that came from afar, we woke to find a new day. One filled with malice, death and destruction, the likes of which we never understood. The Time of Legend endured through an alliance bonded by friendship, by a love that defines us to this day.

Our people survived what seemed impossible. We overcame as brothers and sisters standing next to, and for, one another. For the centuries after, when it seemed we were the only good living creatures in the vastness of time, promises were made to search unending until we found new allies, new friends.

Finding Earth was a treasure. None imagined we would discover a lost people of our own somewhere among these stars. A sole planet of perfection floating in the corner of space untouched by any other before us, save God. Matched by beauty only in Nerrial, Earth is still a treasure.

I write to you now my dearest friend, because I fear, I know, there is no greater time of need to fulfill our promise, our duty, to aid those that cannot help themselves. The time of watching is over. Earth is in peril. We are its final hope. Our enemy has found it, I am sure of it now – the Shadows of the Past have returned. I must speak to you at new dawn. Meet me at Starforce Command.

With Gravest Urgency,

Princess Shia

47-Earth to Nerrial


49-Time of Legend

WAR OF THE STAR – CONTRA ALLIANCE: Production History (2001-2016)


CONTRA ALLIANCE began in early Fall 2001. A flash of vision formed the conceptual foundation. Five freehand pages captured the vision, which later defined the Franchise Bible and Universe.


Composed of story, characters, and a timeline bridging our reality with the Nerrial-Nezdeth galaxy, it reveals a utopian human civilization watching over Earth with care and concern since before World War I.  Figure I is an excerpt from the Franchise Guide, a table of contents bringing order of story to the original vision.


Figure 1: Universe Franchise Bible Table of Contents

In the end, something which began as “a fun thing to do”, evolved into two trilogies, a 1700-year history, 40+ characters, and a mythology fusing the true history of Earth with a galaxy far, far away. Figure 2 showcases the Order of Story: two trilogies + arc titles. Figure 3, a visual depiction of Nerrial.


50-The Universe

Figure 2: Order of Story 


Figure 3: The Nerrial Universe

CONTRA ALLIANCE is an original franchise, comparative to STAR WARS meets a futuristic GI JOE with greater security realism. Drew Struzan painted a concept poster for live action film.

ContraPOSTER-11x17- SRGB copy 1 (lo rez)

Figure 4: “Alliance Vision” by Drew Struzan (Concept Art)

I – SHADOWS OF THE PAST (2007-2010)

The primary CONTRA ALLIANCE intention was always audiovisual. Figure 4 is a promotional look at the main villains and protagonists, with Figure 5 the final Arc I book cover.

Contra Alliance RGB 100dpi

Figure 5: “Discover the Universe” by Joe Benitez (Promotional Art)

Final Jacket

Figure 6: Contra Alliance I: Shadows of the Past


CONTRA ALLIANCE comic book covers were created by professional artists, recruited mostly from San Diego Comic Con. I: SHADOWS OF THE PAST relaunched in its 2nd edition as 33 digital comic novel episodes. Figures 6 and 7 show sample covers, with Figure 8 showing the 2nd edition promotion. 

Episode #1 Destined (Cover - Low Rez)

Figure 7: Episode #1 DESTINED

Episode #2 Battlestar (Cover Low Rez)

Figure 8: Episode #2 BATTLESTAR

Contra Alliance Promo (Summer 2013 Back LO)

Figure 9: Comic Novel Promotion – 33 Episodes

ANIMATED SERIES (2014-Present)

Comic novel episodes brought visual life to the original vision. Creating an animated trailer was next. Through coordinated referrals, the following team was assembled to produce a fully animated CONTRA ALLIANCE trailer:

Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 3.13.25 PM

Initial storyboards were developed with Larry Houston laying introductory scenes of a working script. Nelson Shin would produce 2 minutes of I: SHADOWS OF THE PAST animation through AKOM Productions.












Figure 10: Initial CONTRA Storyboards

For a variety of reasons, the animated trailer was replaced by a new option – one that would tell the entire original vision. Working with Rick Hoberg from the animated team, and Will Hardin a close counterpart, the revised approach would provide a full overview of the universe from its origins in WAR OF THE STAR to the culmination in CONTRA ALLIANCE. Narration, music, and motion graphics would form the backbone of an Origins Movie.

 I: Shadows of the Past – Special Edition

To accompany the release of the Origins Movie, all 33 comic novel episodes were updated and combined into a Special Edition CONTRA ALLIANCE I: SHADOWS OF THE PAST – now available for FREE download.  

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Figure 11: Contra Alliance I: Shadows of the Past Special Edition Cover


Which brings us to today, 14 years and 10,000 hours of development following a flash of imagination that created a Universe Bible, Book I: Shadows of the Past, 33 Comic Novel Episodes, 2 trilogies, 40+ characters, and 1700 years of chronology fusing the history of Earth with the civilization of Nerrial. An original “comic con property” designed for transmedia growth. A space opera, action adventure comparable to STAR WARS meets GI JOE.

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Figure 12: CONTRA ALLIANCE Origins Movie: Discover the Universe on YouTube 

The original vision is now complete in audiovisual form. The Origins Movie: Discover the Universe showcases the franchise, setting up CONTRA ALLIANCE and WAR OF THE STAR for expansion. The agency, producer, or studio that develops this universe will reap its benefits for years to come.

Join the Force,

Tom Kolega
Creator & Executive Producer
When Time Unlocks the Truth to History…the Epic Begins












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