Rank: Director of NATO Allied Partnerships
Real Name : McDaniel Jessup
Birthplace: Alliana, Adena
Military Ops: NATO Allied Command Operations Nation: UNITED KINGDOM

While Magden’s government role is Director of NATO Allied Partnerships, his primary obligation is Chief of Nerrial Emissaries. He is the grandson of Calliden, a progressive Emissary who oversaw the Starblazer program and construction of the Communications Portal (COMPORT) atop Cheyenne Mountain at NORAD. Magden sensed an early danger in The Revolution far beyond traditional militant threats. He organized defense ambassadors and ministers to politically approve the creation of CONTRA.

Rank: Civilian Director of CONTRA
Birthplace: Washington D.C.
Military Ops: NATO Allied Command Operations
Nation: United States

Joseph McBride is the Civilian Director of CONTRA, a high-level NATO liaison between Washington D.C. and Brussels. Joseph served as chairman on the committee selecting CONTRA officers and is influential in promoting greater cooperation between Allies. Joseph is also the father of Troy McBride (Battlestar). His wife, Elizabeth, lives on Adena where she raised Troy’s brother (Lonthran). Joseph’s wife is a descendant of Exa the Great, one of the most revered figures in Nerrial from War of the Star.

RANK: CONTRA Commander
REAL NAME: William Taylor
BIRTHPLACE: Richmond, Virginia
MILITARY OPS: Army Combat General
NATION: United States

William Taylor is the commanding general of CONTRA strike forces and also a Nerrial Emissary. Taylor’s first missions as a young Army Ranger took him to Afghanistan and Iraq in the September 11th aftermath, starting a 35-year career in the Special Forces. Magden monitored Taylor’s progress and virtually adopted him following the tragic passing of his parents while he was on a tour in Iraq. Before CONTRA, Taylor was the Commander of UNPROFOR Africa Reconstruct (AR), a coalition of over forty countries attempting to rebuild much of Africa’s decimated cities and bring a final end to the Resource Wars. General Taylor holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from Yale University and serves as a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council of the United States.

RANK: Executive Officer
REAL NAME: Bobby Clark
BIRTHPLACE: New York, New York
MILITARY OPS: Cyber-Command
NATION: United States

Bobby Clark is the Executive Officer to General Patton. A leading member of U.S. Cyber Command, Clark is an expert in offensive and defensive cyber-warfare. Clark specializes in securing classified and unclassified computer networks, penetrating enemy networks, and remotely controlling the technical or electronic military platforms of an adversary without their detection.

Bobby grew up in central Manhattan and lived a privileged childhood. His family operated a real estate development company called Decorative Construction (DECON). The company was contracted to renovate many of New York’s aging buildings. Bobby’s parents became wealthy from their thriving business. He always loved technology and mobile devices, having a gift with deconstructing computer hardware. Bobby finished his undergraduate degree in high school and went on to receive a Masters and Doctorate from Syracuse University in Advanced Computing Technologies.

After receiving his PhD, Bobby was recruited by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where he worked within a DHS/DoD Cyber-Warfare Center designed to protect America’s computer networks and Internet infrastructure. Clark transferred to U.S. Cyber-Command in support of a secret Joint Combined Task Force investigating critical threats. When CONTRA was established, Clark was assigned to oversee the creation of its computing and internet infrastructure at NORAD working for General William Taylor. He became a trusted “right-hand man” of the renowned General, who appointed Bobby as his Executive Officer with operational responsibility over cyber-war operations and internal communications security.

Rank: Decommissioned
Real Name: Troy McBride
Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
Military Ops: CIA Special Activities Division

Troy McBride was selected to lead the Blue Team as Colonel, though decommissioned from CONTRA before the strike force became active. A renowned Special Operations operative of the CIA’s Special Activities Division, Troy is a silent weapons expert, martial artist, and highly trained in covert reconnaissance, intelligence, and all weather/terrain combat.

Troy’s father, Joseph McBride, is a career government servant and the civilian director of CONTRA. Unknown to Troy is his father’s role as a Nerrial Emissary and the existence of his younger brother Lonthran who his mother Elizabeth took back to Adena on the final Starseeker bound from Earth. The ancestry of his mother’s bloodlines trace back centuries directly to Exa the Great, the legendary Nerrial heroin who helped repel the first Nezdeth invasion during War of the Star.

Troy grew up learning martial arts, studying history, and playing sports. His extraordinary physical abilities were uncommon. He became a black belt in both karate and Ninjitsu by the age of 15. He was a four-year letterman in three sports: football, basketball, and soccer. Troy’s superior physical abilities were matched by sharp intellect. He double majored in physics and engineering at Maryland University. After entering a specialized CIA military training program, Troy also earned a Masters of Arts in National Security Studies from Georgetown University.

Troy gained expertise in silent weapons and covert operations within CIA. Quickly rising in the ranks of the Special Operations community, he became a team leader within the CIA’s Special Activities Division and traveled the world on over a dozen secret operations. Following The Revolution Declaration and discovery of the Demon Lab in Colombia by U.S. Marines in 2033, the CIA assigned Troy to a top secret Black Operations/Special Forces unit code-named Nightwatch.

Pentagon officials and Emissaries alike held extreme concerns over the Demon Lab and the origins of its advanced technology. The Nightwatch mission aimed to track and capture Ringleaders of The Revolution who were behind its construction. After NATO approved the counter-revolutionary strike force (CONTRA), Nightwatch dissolved with Troy transferring into CONTRA. An off hours, off-base altercation during the final phase of CONTRA training, brought Troy to a low-point in his life. His punishment was release from duty and a decommission from military service.


Rank: Colonel
Military Ops: Army Rangers
Real Name: Shawn Rapport
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Colonel Shawn Rapport is commanding officer of the CONTRA Blue Team. A member of the Seventy-Fifth Ranger Regiment, Rapport is trained in dealing with the unforeseen friction in real-time combat. He specializes in infiltration, reconnaissance, and airborne and air assault operations.

Rapport grew up in a military family and was raised in a patriotic environment; both parents were members of the U.S. Army. An outstanding high school athlete, he was a first-team All American quarterback leading his team to two consecutive state championships, which earned him a full ride to play for the University of Washington. He turned the scholarships down to join the Army Rangers. Rapport would later earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Military Academy and a Master of Arts in international relations from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Early in his military career, Rapport became a war hero and was awarded with multiple medals of heroism. During U.S. support for a botched United Nations Stabilization Forces (UNSFOR) peacekeeping operation, then-Captain Rapport rescued the Indonesian prime minister’s daughter from an ongoing shootout between ethnic factions. The incident was captured on live television by Station #1 News. Rapport was hailed as a hero by both the worldwide media and the American people. His only public comment on the event, “Rangers lead the way.”

Originally selected as a CONTRA lieutenant colonel, Rapport was later promoted to colonel when fellow officer Troy McBride, code-name Battlestar, was forced to leave for misconduct. Rapport chose the code-name Justice in honor of his father’s memory. At the first phase of CONTRA training in Great Britain, he met and fell in love with Kate Hurst, code-named Red.

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Military Ops: National Gendarmerie Intervention Group
Real Name: Jean Sinclair
Birthplace: Marseille, France
Nation: FRANCE

Lieutenant Colonel Jean Sinclair is second in command of the CONTRA Blue Team. As a member of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, or GIGN, Sinclair specializes in hostage rescue and tactical urban operations. The GIGN is a small, elite French counter-terrorism unit and part of the Grouping of Security and Intervention of the National Gendarmerie.

Sinclair entered into military service at the age of nineteen, planning to spend only a few years of adventure traveling Europe and northern Africa as a soldier. His dream was to return to Paris and open a restaurant. Sinclair’s uncle, Gideon, owned a butcher shop across from the Stade de France (National Stadium) in a suburb of Saint-Denis where, as a teenager, Sinclair often visited to pick up prosciutto for his mother and learned about running a business.

The night before he departed for the military, Sinclair met with his uncle and gave him the business plans he developed for a new restaurant. He would return and build the greatest eatery Paris knew on the Seine River. Sinclair planned to name it Gideon’s, in honor of his uncle, who always urged Sinclair to start a business.

On day one of boot camp, Sinclair was asked to write about what mattered most in his life. He was given a full page, but simply wrote, “I love France, women, and wine. With my restaurant, I will have all three.” However, Sinclair never left the military. He became part of the GIGN after extraordinary performance as an infantryman. The bonds he formed within GIGN were stronger then he imagined and it became his new family.

Sinclair did battle for the GIGN in Bosnia, Algeria, and the Ivory Coast. He grew dedicated to serving the needs of France and his brothers in arms and simply couldn’t walk away from his fellow soldiers. Sinclair is adept with a variety of infantry weapons systems, intelligence gathering, and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Rank: Major
Military Ops: External Information and Security Agency
Real Name: Victoria Cabozena
Birthplace: Rome, Italy
Nation: ITALY

Major Victoria Cabozena is third in command of the CONTRA Blue Team. Cabozena is a member of Italy’s Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE), or the External Information and Security Agency. AISE is responsible for intelligence and security matters for Italian defense. Cabozena is a highly trained intelligence analyst with specialties in political and current intelligence. She is also well versed in history, religion, and traditional crypt-analysis

Cabozena lived her entire childhood within walking distance of the Vatican. Her favorite pastime was long walks in the old city. Paintings and sculptures of the Sistine Chapel sparked creative ideas and inspiration. At a very early age, Cabozena became nationally recognized as an extraordinary and rare talent in the literary circles of Rome. With adult-like insight and wisdom, she was atop her class. In an interview with Corriere della Sera’s on child prodigies, she was asked to describe her talents. Cabozena responded by saying, “God provides inspiration to any man or woman. I am only as talented as He decides. My family tells me I’m blessed, the light in my eye is a sign.”

Though humble, her gifted mind and physical beauty brought resentment from fellow classmates. Cabozena often felt like an outcast. Her happiness came from closeness with her family and a dedication to the arts. Raised in a devout Catholic household, the church played a major role in her upbringing. Her younger brother Antonio is in the priesthood and her parents work high within the Vatican administration. For the past ten years, Cabozena’s parents have worked as liaisons on the Holy Land Accords, the treaty bringing peace to the Middle East.

Cabozena attended the University of Rome la Sapienza where she double majored in literature and political science. She became an expert researcher and writer. Her studies provided her with a greater understanding of world affairs and the plight of humankind. The spreading unrest throughout the planet saddened her. Cabozena felt the world should be a peaceful utopia, as her parents taught it should be.

Cabozena applied to work as an intern for the United Nations the summer after her sophomore year in college. She was sent to the small West African nation of Liberia, serving as an Information Analyst to the deputy commander of U.N. Liberian headquarters. Clashes between rival factions broke out to the surprise of the heavily armed peacekeeping contingent stationed in-country. Cabozena witnessed the death of poor villagers, a life-changing event. She became determined to make a difference in the world and looked toward government service as a career. Cabozena later joined the Italian military in the field of intelligence.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Naval Special Warfare Development Group
Real Name: Daniel Dixon
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Captain Daniel Dixon is a member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, referred to as DEVGRU. DEVGRU is tasked with special missions, maritime stealth assault, and counter-terrorism operations. Dixon is well trained in surreptitious entry, night operations, and – his favorite – explosive ordinance.

Dixon grew up in a poor Detroit inner-city neighborhood raised by a single mother who worked on an assembly line for General Motors. The troubled area of Detroit had daily violence. Drugs were rampant, but Dixon was intent on making something positive out of himself and make his hard-working mother proud. He considered it a mission every day to beat the odds as an underprivileged African American. Dixon attained the highest GPA in his high school, graduating cum laude, and was accepted to the University of Michigan where he studied engineering.

After graduation, Dixon joined the U.S. Navy. A naval officer – who would later become his mentor – recognized the tough grit Dixon had from his inner-city upbringing. Matched with his high intelligence, the officer knew Dixon would be a perfect fit for the United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land forces, or Navy SEALs. He challenged Dixon to apply for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training at the Naval Special Warfare Center. Dixon accepted the challenge and completed all BUD/S and SEAL qualification training requirements.

Dixon enjoyed the life of a Navy SEAL. He traveled to far off places and took part in dangerous missions. His commander nominated him for selection to DEVGRU, where he also flourished. Dixon recounted the long journey life had taken him on in a letter to his mother. Part of the letter read, “I never thought I’d visit the country I’m in right now. The old neighborhood is like a dream. I’ll never forget where I came from – or how you raised me.”

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment
Real Name: Curtis Springs
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Captain Curtis Springs is a member of the First Special Forces Operational Detachment, or Delta Force. The primary missions of Delta Force are counterinsurgency, covert action, and intervention operations. Springs is expertly trained in rescue, raids, operating behind enemy lines, and killing enemy forces in covert fashion.

Springs grew up in downtown New Orleans, where music playing a key role in his childhood. He learned to play several instruments before high school and started his first band at the age of eight. Springs was well known for playing at Mardi Gras parties in high school, and after getting his band Bayou signed to a digital recording contract, he thought his dream as a musician would be realized. However, Bayou abruptly broke up after a fight during the recording of their first album. Springs was released from contract after Bayou failed to complete one full album.

Springs tried making it on his own in music. He traveled the country for ten months on tour, living out of a van and trying to gain traction. His oldest cousin visited him after a show in Austin and found Springs drunk backstage with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a cigarette in the other. His cousin advised him to take a new direction. As a former Army officer, he had little patience for laggards and felt Springs was wasting his life.

Springs resisted the idea of quitting music. A shouting match ensued. His cousin left a business card behind, thinking his efforts would go by the wayside. The next morning, nearly out of money and feeling the need to take someone’s advice, Springs called the number on the card. It would change his life.

The man who answered invited Springs to a training facility in southern California named The Ranch. There, Springs would prepare and train for entry into the U.S. Army through a special program. He quickly developed a passion for physically and mentally challenging himself in ways he never imagined. Springs went on to receive extensive training in urban warfare and counterinsurgency tactics.

He was selected to Delta Force after successfully completing field operations and leading an Army platoon to victory in a Special Forces war-fighting exercise sponsored by U.S. Special Operations Command. At a family gathering years later, Springs found his cousin and presented him with a rare rifle, used in combat by the Continental Army in 1776. 

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Maroon Beret
Real Name: Shah Akbar
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Nation: TURKEY

Captain Shah Akbar came to CONTRA as a member of the Turkish Maroon Berets, a Special Forces Unit within that country’s Army Special Forces flank. He rose to distinction serving undercover with anti-Jihadist Muslim forces called The New Brotherhood. The group sought to extinguish hateful versions of Islam during the final years of the Terror Wars. Akbar is an elite soldier trained to fight and sustain operations in any type of terrain or climate. He is an expert in infiltration, survival, desert warfare, and ambush.

Akbar’s father is a renowned Muslim scholar and was a leading proponent of redefining Islam’s relations with the West. He taught at Anakra University and often gave speeches at the famed Kocatepe Mosque. As a boy, Akbar sat quietly in the back of his father’s classrooms and listened attentively. His father’s teachings and perspective on the world had an impact on his childhood. Akbar enjoyed scholarship, but sought adventure and action, which eventually led him to pursue a professional career in the military where he became a Maroon Beret.

Caught by surprise in a colossal sandstorm during a reconnaissance operation in the Somali desert, Akbar was separated from his fellow Maroon Berets. Found near death by tribesman under the control of enemy warlords, he was held captive for weeks. Overcoming seemingly impossible odds, Akbar escaped from captivity and killed the ruthless warlord who imprisoned him. He stole a rusted Jeep and navigated across the desert through yet another sandstorm until he reached his base camp. Akbar’s fellow Maroon Berets were in awe. The first words out of his mouth were, “I will fear no storm in life – ever.”

Akbar is the only Muslim officer of CONTRA. Prior to his selection, Akbar commanded a security taskforce in the NATO peacekeeping brigade monitoring the phased implementation of the Holy Land Accords. His father is a leading member of the Nahdah movement in Turkey and serves on the European Union’s Office of Middle Eastern Affairs. Akbar is proud of his Islamic heritage and the new peaceful renaissance spreading across the Muslim world.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Advanced Weapons Specialist
Real Name: Patrik Rezek
Birthplace: Prague, Czech Republic

Captain Patrik Rezek is an advanced weapons specialist from the Czech Ministry of Defence, Programmes Management, Research and Development Department. He is an expert in tactical arms, munitions, and battlesuit technology.

Rezek grew up near the Karlštejn Castle, southwest of Prague. The gothic castle towering above his village enamored him with medieval culture. Rezek collected all the classical weapons he could get his hands on. His interests in weaponry lead him to study the art of warfare and the technology behind it. Rezek paid his way through school by turning his hobby of performing as a DJ into a semi-profession. He completed multiple degrees in engineering and science before being recruited by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS).

After a short stint at EADS, Rezek joined the premiere Czech military research laboratory. He enrolled as an active duty and tested the advanced weapons he simultaneously developed. A NATO special weapons program funded Rezek’s lab and soon he became an active liaison within the alliance, selected as a program manager for NATO’s newly integrated combat battlesuits. He moved to Brussels where he would work and train until he was selected to CONTRA. Recalling his path, Rezek said, “From castles and swords to lasers and battlesuits, my path is that of all weapons.”


Rank: Colonel
Military Ops: Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment
Real Name: John Thatcher
Birthplace: London, England

Colonel John Thatcher is commanding officer of the CONTRA Gray Team. Thatcher is part of the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment, the primary Special Forces Unit of the British military. Specialized in battle space intelligence, target acquisitions, and field reconnaissance, he is also highly trained in counter-terrorism and force protection.

Thatcher comes from a long family lineage of English officers dating back to the Revolutionary War. He has led many British contingents around the world and assigned to several covert missions in East Africa during the Resource Wars. His peers consider him a classic Englishman for his cultured sensibility and charisma as a team leader. He is well versed in etiquette, tradition, and British military history. Outside of the military profession, Thatcher is known for wearing expensive suits. He has the SAS motto “Who Dares Wins” tattooed in large letters across his upper back.

One of the most difficult issues for Thatcher is being away from his five-year-old daughter, Margaret, and his wife, Diana, who he shares a strong bond with. Diana worries about the potential of her husband getting severely wounded, or killed in combat. Thatcher had planned on retiring from the military and becoming a carpenter, but the threatening rise of The Revolution and the opportunity to lead a CONTRA company changed his mind. He promised Diana, “After this is finished, I’m coming home.”

Thatcher’s code-name Crosshill is in remembrance of his closest friend Winston Blair, who was killed in action on the low-lying mountains near Tibet with part of a forward recon unit. Chinese snipers spotted Thatcher and Winston, pouring intense fire on their position. Thatcher and Blair suffered direct hits. Thatcher managed to drag his friend away from direct fire, but despite his best efforts, Blair lost his life. Thatcher constructed a cross on the hillside as rescue choppers approach and selected Crosshill as his CONTRA code-name in remembrance. 

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Military Ops: Iceland Defense Force
Real Name: Alexa Kress
Birthplace: Hella, Iceland

Lieutenant Colonel Alexa Kress is second in command of the CONTRA Gray Team. A leading member of the Iceland Defense Force, she is strong willed, known for toughness, and ranked the top sniper in all of NATO. Alexa was stationed at alliance headquarters in Brussels the day it The Revolution attacked. She was awarded numerous medals for killing over a dozen Revolution assailants while protecting a room full of dignitaries.

Alexa grew up in the Iceland back country with her family, hunting and living off the land. In the winters, she would practice shooting tips off icicles for fun. Alexa later trained as a professional sharpshooter and took great pride in her marksmanship. As Iceland’s premier talent, Alexa was selected to carry the national flag at the 2024 Olympics. She won the silver medal, missing the gold by the slimmest of margins in her final competition, a moment she often replays in her mind.

The international media recognized Alexa for her extreme beauty at the games, a trait she often received complements for. After the Olympics, Alexa accepted an offer from a New York modeling agency and signed a multi-million dollar contract hoping to warm up to the new lifestyle. However, Alexa never felt comfortable and broke her contract just six months in, returning to her childhood home in Iceland, pondering what to do next. She missed using her weapons for a purpose, telling her father, “The rifle is my compass.”

A former shooting competitor from the Netherlands called Alexa to announce she joined the Dutch military as a sniper. Alexa soon did the same. The regimented lifestyle of the military suited her well. She developed a strong sense of leadership and a renewed confidence. Colleagues admired her marksmanship. Alexa selected her code-name following the gift of diamond earrings from Tyler Northcutt, code-name Raption, who she met during CONTRA training. Though Alexa has always been revered for her stunning beauty, Raption is the only man she ever felt a connection with.

Rank: Major
Military Ops: C4ISR Specialist–U.S. Air Force
Real Name: Nathan Lewis
Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Major Nathan Lewis is third in command of the CONTRA Gray Team. Lewis is regarded as one of the foremost American experts in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) as it relates to both satellites and unmanned drones. Nathan is also the brother of famed Station #1 News reporter, Lydia Lewis.

Nathan grew up creating inventions in the garage of his quiet middle-class Miami neighborhood. He had a natural technical genius and creativity that made him a young “whiz kid” – a nickname he loathed. When he was only thirteen-years-old, Nathan received state recognition for modeling an oxygen transistor that could theoretically suck pollution out of the air. He sold several high-tech inventions as a successful young entrepreneur. Nathan blogged about his desire to see action alongside the technology he developed. He said, “I don’t want to design the next spaceship, I want to ride in it…as an astronaut.”

Wanting to challenge himself on a larger scale, Nathan accepted one of the many government offers extended to him. He started working for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) on advanced satellite technologies at the age of twenty. After leaving the NRO for a brief stint at NASA, Nathan began working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on next-generation space targeting systems and the deployment of a new space-based laser constellation.

Lewis went on to develop groundbreaking unmanned aerial control systems and platform integration technologies for DARPA, giving smaller unmanned drones and their operator’s greater situational awareness with optional modular sensor suites. In his final project at DARPA, Nathan designed The Perceptor, a tactical unmanned drone. The Air Force recruited Nathan as a C4ISR Specialist. At his request, he trained to work in the battlefield with Special Forces units implementing new tactical unmanned and space technologies. As a result of his respected field work, Nathan was one of the first officers selected to CONTRA.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Fourth Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Real Name: Tyler Northcutt
Birthplace: Venice Beach, California

Captain Tyler Northcutt is a member of the Fourth Marine Expeditionary Brigade. After years of specialized training, he mastered the tactics and strategy of jungle warfare. A part-time instructor at the Jungle Warfare Training Center, Northcutt has expertise in survival, evasion, resistance, and escape, along with years of combat experience.

In his teens, Northcutt dreamed of becoming a pro-surfer. He spent his early life on the beaches of Southern California, where surfing, hanging out with friends, and parties were daily rituals. That was before Northcutt’s wealthy family fell on hard times. Economic hardships affected his family’s once thriving business, and his father was forced to close its doors. Northcutt’s life of leisure changed. Never a good student, he recognized he could no longer depend on surfing to support himself. Northcutt decided to enlist in the Marine Corps, where he excelled.

Northcutt was deployed on several missions to the South American jungle. Ongoing Marine counter-narcotics operations targeted resurgent drug cartels fighting security forces in the expanding Drug Wars. He was on the mission that found the Demon Lab – considered the first Critical Event leading to CONTRA’s creation and realization of the true threat posed by The Revolution. When asked about what his unit saw in the Demon Lab, Northcutt is required by the Department of Defense to speak in generalities, rehearsing a story different from actual events.

In his downtime, Northcutt draws comic book characters and listens to hard rock music. His body is covered with eleven different tattoos. Known for his calm under fire, Northcutt has an ongoing secret love affair with Alexa Kress, code-name Diamond. In comments to the NATO selection board on his readiness to return to Colombia as a part of CONTRA, Northcutt stated, “It doesn’t matter what we found. I want back in.”

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Army Special Operations-Green Berets
Real Name: Roberto Chavez
Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Captain Roberto Chavez is a member of the United States Army Special Forces, or Green Berets. He is trained in unconventional warfare, assisting foreign indigenous forces, special reconnaissance, and information operations. Chavez has been deployed on various overseas missions and has extensive experience working with allied and foreign militaries.

Growing up in a poor Latino neighborhood of Houston, three things defined his early childhood: Hollywood Western movies, NASCAR racing, and hip-hop music. Feeling oppressed by poverty, Chavez wanted to find adventure. His family opposed him joining the military. Chavez lost two uncles in the Terror Wars. Though he struggled with his family’s fears, he wanted to serve and find adventure.

One quiet Sunday afternoon, Chavez requested his mother’s blessing to join the service. She cried all afternoon, but seeing his desire, gave her approval. Later that night, Chavez snuck out and entered a dangerous neighborhood park. With his pocketknife, he inscribed “To Free From Oppression” on a tree marked with gang tags. The inscription was the Green Berets’ motto – the unit Chavez planned to join.

In his free time, Chavez drives on the NASCAR junior circuit and loves new age rap music. He is extremely proud of his younger brother who managers America’s newest rap group phenomenon, PHLO. Chavez selected his code-name Breakdown in homage to the group’s lead vocalist. Prior to his CONTRA selection, Chavez befriended two fellow officers: Raption and Battlestar. He met Raption in a weapons training program and served with Battlestar during a brief stint on the secretive Nightwatch.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Operational Mobile Reaction Group
Real Name: Karl Slawik
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
Nation: POLAND

Karl Slawik is a member of the Polish Wojskowa Formacja Specjalna, or Operational Mobile Reaction Group. Slawik is a highly trained and capable special-forces operator in stealth, anti-terrorism, direct action, and peace-restoring operations. He served under the command of Crosshill during a United Nations Stabilization Force (UNSFOR) mission to restore order to Sierra Leone during the most intense period of Africa’s Resource Wars.

Slawik is a devout Jew whose great grandfather took part in the famous uprising against Nazi occupation in the Warsaw ghetto. He comes from an affluent family and has a big heart, but is known for his stern responses and stubbornness. Slawik has attempted to quite smoking cigarettes ever since he joined the military, though he’s unable to shake the habit. Responding to a NATO nurse who argued with him about the habit, he said, “I hate cigarettes. They smell like dirt and taste worse. Never tell me to stop smoking again.”

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Joint Task Force 2
Real Name: Dr. Kate Hurst
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Nation: CANADA

Captain Kate Hurst has multiple degrees in biology, with a doctorate in genetics. She grew up dreaming of becoming the doctor who finds the cure for the worlds’ deadliest diseases. After completing her doctorate, Hurst spent two years in central Africa working as an UNSFOR medic. She witnessed the aftermath of a biological attack on a tribe of Sudanese peasants who refused to follow rebel orders and relocate away from “precious resources.”

Upon return from Sudan, Hurst joined Canada’s Joint Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence Unit within the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. She began exploring genetic recombinant DNA codes that could ward off the effects of biological weapons. Later, Hurst transferred into Joint Task Force 2, Canada’s premiere counter terror unit. Asked by a friend why she accepted a transfer to the front lines, Hurst responded, “Canada’s best defense against a biological tragedy is me in this unit. Every minute after infection counts. Being the first on the scene matters.”

Still, Hurst is unsure if military service is right for her. She often feels out of place in uniform, but fell in love with Shawn Rapport, code-name Justice. Hurst wants to start a family and often talks to Rapport about different career options they might have together. She fears something tragic will happen to one of them if they remain in the military. Hurst was selected to CONTRA service because of her groundbreaking work in genetics and bioengineering.


Rank: Colonel
Military Ops: Special Operations Command
Real Name: Isabella Zamora
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Nation: SPAIN

Colonel Isabella Zamora is the commanding officer of the CONTRA Black Team. Zamora is recognized as one of the leading psychological operations officers in Europe, mastering the capabilities and methods required to influence a target’s emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior. Spain’s Special Operations Command recruited Zamora from a regular army unit after rumors spread about her ability to induce confessions from any prisoner. Before her selection to CONTRA, Zamora led a joint Psychological Operations-Counterintelligence Unit targeting Russian mafia cells operating in Western Europe.


Isabella grew up in the slums of Barcelona in a large and very poor family. She was the youngest of five brothers and five sisters. Her family lived and worked together as a unit, making just enough money for food, shelter, and clothing. Isabella was often frustrated as a young girl – she could not afford the latest fashion, or take dance lessons.

Increasing mafia activity in her neighborhood turned it seedy and dangerous. Three of Isabella’s brothers joined the mafia to “run errands.” The brothers made large amounts of money and were proud of their new jobs. It made them feel important, but was a major source of conflict within her family. Isabella rebelled against her brothers by becoming a dancer at the local strip club when she turned 18. She kept it secret from her parents, but knew her brothers would find out soon enough, since the mafia frequented the club. One night, a large group of mafia came into the club where Isabella was dancing, her brothers among them. As Isabella was the most beautiful dancer in the club, stage name Pridian, the mafia requested her to dance for them. When she did, her brothers were shocked and dismayed at seeing their sister. They were unable to stop her from fear of upsetting the crime bosses. Isabella whispered in one brother’s ear, “I will quit dancing when you stop working for these crooks.” They did, and Isabella was forever interested in the power of psychology.

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Military Ops: Central Readiness Force
Real Name: Anami Nishihara
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Nation: JAPAN

Lieutenant Colonel Anami Nishihara is second in command of the CONTRA Black Team. As intelligence director for Japan’s Central Readiness Force, Nishihara supports the Special Operations Group as the highest ranking Intelligence Officer.

When a young boy, Nishihara was trained in the lost arts and culture of the Samurai. His father was the caretaker of Tokyo’s National Museum and stressed the study of Japanese history. Nishihara spent many long afternoons wandering through the halls of the museum, mystified by the history of his country and fearful for its future. Kneeling beside his father on his deathbed, Ashari whispered, “I will help guide Japan on a secure path. My children will know our history, I promise you.”

After joining the Japanese Defense Forces, Nishihara intended to become a fighter pilot, but quickly gained more interest in the art of intelligence collection and analysis. He specialized in the analysis of China’s military buildup and became a liaison between regional allies and the United States. Nishihara is fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and English.

Nishihara established strong relationships with U.S. intelligence counterparts and trained with the CIA as part of a transpacific working group created by U.S. Pacific Command, called Allied Synergy. The group predicted a great Asian war loomed on the horizon, like a storm. For this reason, when selected to CONTRA, Nishihara chose the code-name Arashi, meaning storm in Japanese.

Rank: Major
Military Ops: Army – Division Special Operations
Real Name: Erich Heinkel
Birthplace: Dresden, Germany

Major Erich Heinkel is a member of the German Army’s Division Spezielle Operationen, or Special Operations Division, Heinkel is trained in special warfare with expertise in the art of assassination.

Heinkel has been deployed to many remote regions of the world in covert support of German interests. He usually gets selected for darker missions that are denied if reported. Most recently, Heinkel was tasked with efforts to remove pro-Nazi leaders from positions of growing influence in Eastern Europe. The Nazi sympathizers were found to have close ties to organized crime and were suspected of possible involvement with The Revolution.

A mysterious man, quiet about his past, Heinkel is often moody, ill tempered, and troubled by his profession as an assassin. Though a trusted veteran, Heinkel has deep personal conflicts and enrolled in therapy to treat symptoms of depression and psycho-social dysfunction resulting from killing. On the first visit with his therapist, Heinkel pleaded, “I see blood on my hands when they are clean. I see fear in the happiness of children. Help me.”

Growing weary of his work as an assassin, Heinkel requested a change of pace. The request was granted with a selection to CONTRA. Heinkel has not reported his emotional struggles to command. His prescribed medical treatment is grounds for being removed from CONTRA in violation of strict codes developed to ensure only the best and most stable operators serve on the strike force.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)
Real Name: Layton Thorpe
Birthplace: Benalla, Australia

Captain Layton Thorpe is a member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, trained in close-quarter combat, counterintelligence, and specialized in long-range reconnaissance. He and Arashi are close friends, as they served together on the transpacific working group Allied Synergy.

Thorpe grew up in the Australian countryside on a large farm. He hiked much of the outback with his father and two brothers before he was thirteen. In addition to his love of the natural world, Thorpe was interested in studying geography and in training as a rifleman. He excelled in school, and though he disliked the idea of moving to the city, he attended the University of Sydney’s Centre for International Security Studies.

The university paper quoted Thorpe’s response to a campus heckler who verbally threatened him over opinions expressed at a school debate on Australia’s role in sending troops to Africa in support of U.N. humanitarian efforts during the Resource Wars. Thorpe said, “Those who act out their disagreements in emotional outbursts are human microcosms of why we have so many wars on this planet to begin with.”

Thorpe joined the Australian Defense Force upon completing his studies and became a member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. Thorpe is one of the leading Australian military scholars on Chinese strategy and military expansion. Thorpe predicted that Taiwan would be invaded before the year 2030 and advocated for a resurgence of American leadership in military circles, specifically in the Asian theater.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Special Operations Battalion
Real Name: Drazen Skoric
Birthplace: Zadar, Croatia

Captain Drazen Skoric is a member of the Croatian Bojna za Specijalna Djelovanja, or Special Operations Battalion, Skoric is trained in unconventional warfare, urban rescue, and night operations. He specializes in amphibious assault.

A talented mathematician and student athlete, Skoric balanced his potential in the classroom with his raw ability in sports. He became a star of the Croatian soccer club Hajduk in his teens, eventually making the national squad. In the 2026 World Cup, Skoric scored a dazzling game-winning goal in a quarterfinal match against Argentina, bringing him fame and offers from several elite European clubs.

After sustaining a career-ending ankle injury in the English Premier League, Skoric left Manchester United for a position with his father’s tourist firm. He hosted wild exclusive parties on islands all over the Adriatic, but longed to do something more. Skoric enlisted in a volunteer army officer program and regained his love for learning. He rehabilitated his ankle and trained in the gym harder then ever.

In an interview with Globus magazine, Skoric explained his decision to pursue a professional career in the military. He said, “Football was my life. After what happened in England, I didn’t know what to do. Waking up with a headache on some beach in Hvar wasn’t the answer.”

Skoric applied for, and was selected to, train as an officer in Croatia’s elite Amphibious Assault Unit. He restored full strength in his ankle, declined the temptation to return to a soccer career, and was promoted to serve in Croatia’s Special Operations Battalion. Skoric participated in several NATO operations and for his field dedication was selected to represent Croatia on CONTRA.

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Navy Seals
Real Name: Marcus Fulcrum
Birthplace: Compton, California

Captain Marcus Fulcrum is trained in reconnaissance, maritime assault, anti-piracy operations, and underwater demolition. Early in his career, Fulcrum was a member of the Marine Corps. At the time of his CONTRA selection, he was a Navy Seal.

Fulcrum grew up in a neighborhood where gang membership was a part of life. He did well in school and wanted out of the rough Compton neighborhoods where he felt trapped. After one of his friends committed a drive-by shooting that wounded a young girl, Fulcrum signed up for a program designed to help inner-city youth. A mentor introduced him to the writings of Martin Luther King Jr. who soon became Fulcrum’s new found hero along with former President Barack Obama.

Inspired to leave gang life forever and seek a path influencing change, Fulcrum dedicated himself to becoming a leader and knew military service was a way out. Fulcrum joined the U.S. Marine, selected to a USMC Force Reconnaissance, or Force Recon, Unit. During his time in Force Recon, Fulcrum became a gun expert; his favorite –the Glock.

Fulcrum traveled the world on special missions and planned on returning to Compton to help inner-city kids improve their lives. Following acceptance into the Navy Seals, however, he became a professional soldier for life. He is known for always carrying two Glocks tucked away in his back belt. Asked why in his CONTRA selection interview, Fulcrum said, “At any moment, someone’s life could be threatened. I saw it growing up. If the innocent need protection, they can count on me and my double Glocks.”

Rank: Captain
Military Ops: Huntsmen Corps
Real Name: Rasmus Clausen
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Captain Rasmus Clausen is a member of the elite Danish Special Forces Unit Jægerkorpset, or Huntsmen Corps, Clausen is trained in counter-terrorism, interdiction operations, and mountain combat. He is specialized in Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and regarded as one of the foremost experts on DEW in the world.

Clausen has an obsessive personality and grew up addicted to video games. His addiction turned him into one of the top gamers in all of Europe. Winning competitions and earning thousands of euro’s from sponsors excited Clausen, but negatively affected other aspects of his life. He failed class after class, skipping school to game online, feeding his addiction. Reflecting on his poor performance with the school principal, Clausen said, “The classes aren’t hard. What is hard is being away from my games. I can’t concentrate on anything else.”

Clausen’s parents intervened, sending him to special counseling to cure gaming addictions. As part of his recovery, Clausen attended various career fairs to see if something more productive could capture his mind’s interest. After attending a “Future Military Technology” symposium and listening to several panels on DEW, Clausen was hooked.

He engulfed himself in the military niche of directed energy, becoming an expert over the next ten years. Clausen launched his own firm, BURST, to field-test DEW. The Danish military recruited him to design, develop, and train its Special Forces on DEW combat applications. Clausen became an active duty officer and later joined the elite Huntsmen Corps, where he received advanced combat training. Clausen is one of three technical fellows on CONTRA, along with Satellite of the Gray Team and Rapidfire of the Blue team.


Three mysterious Ringleaders of The Revolution oversee a compartmentalized Axis of the Underground. Comprised of human traffickers, arms dealers, cyber-criminals, the mafia, drug cartels, and corrupt government officials, THE REVOLUTION works for profit in rebellion against the international system. Unknown to its planet-based conspirators, is a plan centuries in the making beginning to unfold, which threatens humanity. The Three are fallen Starforce officers of Nerrial, poisoned over 20 years earlier after capture during a space battle with the demonic Nezdeth alien race — whose plans reach far beyond Earth.


Nerrial is a utopian human civilization composed of seven planets powered by the unique energy of a Blue Star in a galaxy fifty million light years from Earth. Long ago, a demonic alien race called the Nezdeth invaded Nerrial to horde its abundant natural resources. Nerrial formed a military alliance called the Starforce to repel the invasion. The War of the Star left billions dead and devastation in its wake. Generations later—in the year 1898—a Starforce fleet discovered Earth and sent Emissaries to live amongst our civilization in secret. Studying our humanity, and influencing peace without revealing their existence became the sacred mission of Nerrial Emissaries and their descendants on Earth.